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“Fashion is part of the daily air, and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” – Diana Vreeland, French-American Fashion Columnist, and Editor 

The fashion industry is constantly under transformations, not just in trends and styles but also in consumer habits. In the past few years, consumer habits have drastically changed, affecting how businesses operate on every level.  

On the other hand, consumer habits are also changing as people are getting more demanding products and services. Their expectations from the businesses are all high, as they want top-quality, personalized products. In addition, consumers’ patience is dwindling, and they want faster and more accurate deliveries.  

Fashion and retail businesses are responding to these changing habits by becoming more efficient in the delivery and operations. This means considering the changing habits and the current trends to leverage them for benefits.

Fashion and Retail Trends that we an Eye on


It is indeed a revolutionary strategy designed to engage consumers. It provides a means of transformation for businesses blending all the digital and physical touchpoints by utilizing modern technology.  

Omnichannel helps businesses maintain or even promote their brand with consistent performance. In a way, the omnichannel strategy works exceptionally well for the brand’s organic growth by providing one thing customers are ravenous for the shopping experience.

Online Shopping  

Today, consumers want products delivered to them at their doorsteps. That is why e-commerce has genuinely dominated the Fashion and Retail industry for the past few years. In fact, these days, people tend to buy products online from the store itself. Besides, the pandemic has only escalated this situation, as more people began shopping online from their homes.  

Online presence is an additional service, and a means to provide a more personalized experience. It enables the brand to delight its customers by providing consumer-specific services.

Sustainable Fashion  

Sustainability is a need of our times. An increasing number of people are becoming environmentally conscious with time. They do not just want environment-friendly products but also want the entire process to be sustainable. 

Fashion brands are responding to this new regime by incorporating sustainable practices in production and transporting. Supply chain companies are designing more sustainable ways to deliver products by reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

Influence of Social Media  

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok has triggered an immense need for people to appear more stylish. People are aggressively shopping for personalized items to stand out in the crowd. Besides, trends constantly change on social media, which drives the market more dynamic. New social channels also mean new data to integrate and transform into relevant insights for businesses.

Maintaining Supply Chain integrated with Omnichannel Strategies

Syscons Interactive is our specialized boutique in Fashion and Retail Solutions. 

From planning to execution, we offer our customers advanced advisory and integrated solutions to move their business to the next level, addressing the modern challenges within the framework of Omnichannel.

These solutions include: Omnichannel, Store Front and Retail Planning.


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