Manufacturing Execution Systems

Unlock Smart Factory for Quality and Efficiency

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) manage shop floor operations, seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems (such as ERP), and offer real-time information on work progress and factory status. Implementing MES is the first step toward smart factories, enhancing efficiency, quality, and fostering innovation.

Manufacturing Execution Systems Expertise

Organizations know that selecting the right partner to digitize companies’ production processes is crucial because the product itself is at stake.

We offer comprehensive manufacturing execution systems solutions and services that prioritize meticulous product care through efficient and innovative processes, ensuring continuous refinement and consistently achieving unparalleled quality.

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations

As seasoned advisors and system integrators, we excel in identifying optimal strategies aligned and suitable technologies that cater to your business needs.

Our service encompasses:

  • MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management): Integrating MES technology with management processes, resource planning, machine configuration data, and digital work instructions for operators to streamline and enhance manufacturing operations.
  • Shop floor control: Enabling real-time monitoring and control of shop floor activities, tracking production job progress, managing machine downtime, and ensuring operator compliance with standard procedures.
  • Performance analysis: Empowering you to analyze production data and identify improvement areas, including machine utilization, cycle times, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Plant maintenance: Displaying alarms on the dashboard and alerting the maintenance team, tracking hours and materials for corrective actions, and creating real-time maintenance orders on the ERP system.

MES and IIoT

MES and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are interconnected technologies that offer competitive advantages to manufacturing operations. They enhance data collection, improve visibility and control, and enable predictive maintenance, resulting in streamlined processes and optimized production. Our expert team recommends leveraging these technologies to boost your manufacturing efficiency and stay ahead in the market.

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