SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM): the Hybrid Approach of Cloud and Edge Computing to Boost Manufacturing Performance

SAP DM (Digital Manufacturing) is an integrated SAP solution that connects top-floor business systems to shop-floor equipment to provide global visibility across all plants. Tightly integrated with SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ERP, it makes the most of Cloud and Edge for superior performance. In this blog, we deep dive into this kind of hybrid […]
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Industry 4.0: FGA Informatica joined Syscons Group

Ready to drive customers through their digital transformation journey to Smart Factory. FGA Informatica became part of Syscons Group with the aim of consolidating the Industry 4.0 group’s offering. The team, dedicated to the world of manufacturing and industrial edge computing, encompasses 30 consultants with extensive experience in factory processes and specific software. FGA Informatica […]
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