Syscons Industries

We help you to bridge the gap between the shop floor and the enterprise level

We are a Syscons Group boutique of excellence specialized in Smart Manufacturing to help you to embrace Industry 4.0 and make your business flourish in an increasingly interconnected and data-rich industrial landscape.

Closing the divide between the shop floor and the enterprise level results in gaining the advantages of smooth communication and data exchange between the factory and the business. This enhances operational efficiency, optimizes processes, and enables informed decision-making within the company.

Syscons Industries is led by a pragmatic leadership and professionals focused on helping manufacturing organizations to achieve tangible results through unique strategies.

Practical advisor and experienced system integrator

Syscons Industries is your practical advisor and experienced system integrator to drive you throughout the journey to industry 4.0 with:

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

We help you to monitor and automate manufacturing in a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient methodology based on Industry 4.0 paradigms. We guide you through the choice of the MES solution that suits your needs.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Edge Computing

We support you in the data collection process from the shop floor equipment, extracting valuable insights from raw data, to generate KPIs for improved process analysis and decision-making.
Our guidance includes adopting the right hardware infrastructure.

Energy Management

We provide comprehensive assistance in energy consumption management to help your business save costs and promote sustainability, competitiveness, and resilience. By embracing energy-efficient practices and technologies, you can positively impact the environment while enjoying the economic benefits of reduced energy expenses.

Stairway to Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 mainly focuses on human-machine collaboration with AI and IoT for enhanced benefits. Our cloud-based solutions foster flexible factories, while our intuitive dashboard enables seamless human-technology interaction, optimizing productivity and efficiency.