Enterprise Cloud Applications

Enterprise cloud solutions: how to overcome the limits of standard solutions with cloud native

In some organizations, it happens that standard solutions may fail to cover the design application landscape. This results in inefficiency and loss of competitive advantage.

We help our customers to cover solution gaps in their application landscape, by creating tailor-made Enterprise Applications with a Cloud Native approach.

Enterprise Cloud Applications Expertise

Our Cloud native approach lets you get the most out of Cloud technologies. The main concept is to build applications using microservices and leveraging cloud services, especially Serverless one. Using a Cloud Native approach, you can have faster time to market for your applications. This app implementation allows for easy extension and modifications, giving a very high degree of flexibility and customization, both secure and flexible by design. As the cloud service is used, everything scales up and down by design, from both resource and costs perspective.

Cloud Offering Pillars

  • Plan and Design Cloud Digital Platform/Cloud Application Landscape: we guide our customers who want to start leveraging the cloud, and want to plan their initiatives in a strategic and long-term way.
  • Generate Value From data: covering the complete data process from ingestion, through storage and processing, analytics and reporting with AI and Machine Learning
  • Design and Deliver Cloud Applications, along three directions:
    • New applications to be implemented
    • Existing applications to be enhanced or extended with cloud technology
    • Rethink / modernize existing applications implementing them in the cloud using a cloud native approach.

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