Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning put people, process and technology collaborate 

Today companies of any size have the imperative necessity of accelerating the adoption of a Demand & Supply Chain Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process, whereby they often have a disconnection between financial and operations strategy. The technology itself does not represent complexity; a strong commitment across the organization
guarantees the success of implementing such an initiative.

We provide the path to building strong collaboration and transparency across the entire Supply Chain.

Integrated Business Planning Expertise

Implementing an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) system would not bring the expected goals if not sufficiently supported by a parallel review and growth of the planning processes and the company’s organization. People, processes and technology always have to work combined to get the best results.

From a technological point of view, our main expertise regards Integrated Business Planning as a SAP strategic solution for Supply Chain Planning powered by SAP HANA. Cloud-based, SAP IBP covers all aspects of the Digital Supply Chain: Demand, Inventory, Response & Supply, Sales & Operations Planning and Supply Chain Control Tower.

Demand Planning

With SAP Demand Planning, we help our customers deliver accurate demand plans for improved strategic planning and execution. SAP Demand Planning brings statistical methods, forecasting, consensus planning and Demand Sensing. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can dramatically enable S&OP or using demand forecasting improves the capability of learning patterns drastically, anticipate issues, suggest and adjust shared actions plans.


Thanks to SAP Inventory Optimization module, we help companies improve improve supply chain management due to economic disruption and enhance customer services. Inventory includes multi-stage inventory, optimization, and network visibility.

Response & Supply

We allow our customers to quickly adapt to changes in demand to meet customer needs. With Integrated Business Planning for Response and Supply we generate What-If analysis to provide insights into potential scenarios. The module includes unconstrained supply planning, strategic production plan management, allocations, deployment planning and order rescheduling.

Sales & Operations Planning

We advise our customers to implement a cross-departmental plan to improve their governance effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. SAP Sales and Operations Planning brings strategic plan to match planned demand levels (forecast) to the overall manufacturing capacity level, while meeting general business and financial objectives.

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