Supply Chain Planning

Implementation of an end-to-end integrated supply chain to adapt in an ever-changing market  

Today’s supply chain is divided into a volatile context characterized by multichannel orders. Having end-to-end visibility and fluid communication along the entire chain is essential for making the right decisions. With automation and artificial intelligence, it is possible to obtain real-time control from demand to inventory. 

Integrated Business Planning Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in supply chain planning processes with SAP IBP in the pharmaceutical and discrete industry sectors. 

Our added value includes orchestrating people, processes, and technologies and working in synergy. 

We draw the right path to help our customers achieve transparency throughout the supply chain.

Advantages of SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) 

SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning), an SAP HANA upgrade, is a cloud-based solution for the digital planning of the supply chain. SAP IBP covers all essential aspects of the supply chain, such as Demand Planning, Response & Supply, Sales & Operations Planning, and Inventory. 

The highlighted benefits are: 

  • What-if Analysis exploring all available alternative plans to determine the best way forward
  • Tight integration between SAP IBP and SAP S/4HANA with embedded PP/DS in a single planning space (Synchronized Planning)
  • End-to-end collaboration; from demand planning to the warehouse allowing a collaboration with an extended network and create a unified and structured plan, facilitated by the right combination of technological features
  • Native integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower and other applications

Demand Planning

With SAP Demand Planning, we help our customers to obtain better planning and strategic execution by developing an accurate forecast of demand plans. We achieve our business and organizational goals by leveraging the statistical methods, forecasting (demand forecasting), consensus realization, and demand sensing offered by SAP Demand Planning.  

To be precise, Demand Forecasting radically improves the capacity of learning models and anticipates problems to suggest and regulate shared action plans. 

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) significantly enables the S&OP component. 

Response & Supply

We utilize the Response and Supply module to help our customers to steer through fluctuating market demands and meet the needs of their customers. We leverage this module to generate What-If analyses providing decisive insights into the potential scenarios.  

The module includes supply planning, strategic production plan management, allocations, distribution planning, and order rescheduling. 

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) balances supply and demand, integrating financial and operational planning into a single S&OP process linked to high-level strategic and medium and long-term operational plans. 

The S&OP process, which typically takes place every month, aligns operational areas such as sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing, procurement, finance, and accounting to work synergistically concerning business objectives. 


Inventories are the backbones of the supply chain, as they maintain the steady flows of products in the market, making their optimization more critical than ever. We utilize the SAP Inventory Optimization module to manage the supply chain risks, which mainly include demand volatility.  

We use this module to support our customers in providing enhanced customer services, ultimately improving the user experience. In addition, with the inventory optimization module, we help our customers contribute more to maximizing the warehouse and working capital efficiency by reducing production and distribution costs.  

Lastly, we combine the inventory module with the DDMRP module to ensure inventory availability at the right time in the right place!  



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