Smart Manufacturing

Monitoring processes is the strategic factor to be smart

Today it is essential to monitor both production progress and energy consumption more than ever, especially when it comes to multi-site applications. Achieving uniform reporting and data analysis, as well as standardization of business processes, is the strategic factor to succeed.

To be smart and achieve overall efficiency and transparency in manufacturing, we provide policies and rules necessary to measure your process, digitizing them and maintaining high production levels also ensuring that people, processes and machinery operate in a coordinated way.

Ennova Industries for Smart Manufacturing

Our knowledge deep dives into machinery optimization, inventory, process execution and personnel management operating, based on a strategic framework that includes fundamental KPIs such as cost reduction, quality control and continuous improvements in the areas of performance management, operations, execution and management.

Focus on Ennova Industries, our specialized company in IoT and Edge Computing, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Energy Management

Ennova Industries is our specialized Smart Manufacturing company, that provides expertise on the adoption and/or development of IIoT systems, integrating on the industrial edge of computing using top-notch technology platforms.

Together with the Ennova Industries team, we implement tailored-made solutions that help businesses get back control of their edge level data from a central point of view and streamline their production processes supported by data-driven analysis.

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