New Product Development and R&D

Digital transformation extends the viewpoint on New Product Development and R&D

For manufacturing companies, embracing digital transformation means evaluating the business’s servitization, resulting in selling services instead of selling products. Serving the “Segment of One” requires changes to the whole company and along the complete value chain, supported by a digital framework that provides the right capabilities to ensure an exclusive focus on the customer and deliver the level of detail necessary to meet their specific requirements.

In this view, we arm manufacturing organizations with the resources they need to avail manufacturing parameters to service processes on the highest quality requirements and distribute product-use.

Extended Product Life Cycle Management Expertise

PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) was originally designed to help engineers collaborate on the latest product designs and control information across product’s lifecycle. PLM solutions though focused only on internal employees due to the on-premise stack on technology.

Today, product lifecycle management as a methodology has evolved to include a larger portion of the organization, including customer service, marketing, sales, suppliers and partner channels. Today’s next-gen PLM software includes new benefits of product lifecycle management across the entire organization. It allows for faster customer responsiveness and greater customer transparency, greater product quality even for complex products, helping boost revenue and get products to market faster.

We enable and accelerate Product Innovation

With more than 20 years of experience, we help companies maintain a detailed understanding of their products throughout the entire lifecycle:

  • As Designed, Portfolio and Costs
  • As Configured, Options and Compatibility
  • As Built, Process and Delivery
  • As Maintained, In situ updates
  • As Operating, In action and environment

Our deep industry knowledge combined with our Product Design capability helps us detect critical points within production processes, to determine the best solutions and drive rapid results.

We maximize available resource enhancements without disruption in our client’s operation.

Our Product Lifecycle Management Software

With SAP Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) software you can design quality products faster and take better decision. SAP PLM integrates with SAP PPM (Project Portfolio Management), where we have extensive expertise, most on SAP FIORI development.

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Focus areas

  • Take demand-focused approach while connecting financial and operations with Integrated Business Planning
  • Plan your fresh food and pharma production taking care of your products shelf life with Advanced Scheduling
  • Tag your products to safeguard your articles also against counterfeiting. Increase production monitoring and increase efficiency with Smart Manufacturing
  • Orchestrate orders from multiple channels to get a consistent view of your customers with Digital Omnichannel
  • Organize your sales order into a performant and integrated warehouse with our Logistic Execution Solutions