Logistic Execution

Logistic Execution & Warehouse Logistics Automation

With increasingly complex challenges, including capacity constraints, demand variability and compliance requirements, manufacturing companies now need more efficient warehouses, where inventory information is always accurate and available to plan and execute production.

A performant Warehouse Management System within the logistic execution strategy encompasses solutions that allows a more productive inventory management, warehouse automation and coordinated flow.

We provide a real-time, detailed picture of the stock within your warehouse, enabling you to react quickly to production, customers and partner’s demand.

Logistic Execution Expertise

With 15 years of experience in Integrated Supply Chain, we’ve always been providing our customers with complete visibility along the entire value chain that includes warehouses to facilitate management and monitoring of the production, also to combat the increase in counterfeit.

Prior to choosing the proper Warehouse Management System (WMS) software that will enable our customers to digitize the warehouse and take control over it, our approach is based on a deep analysis of warehouse locations and processes to understand how to optimize the process tied to it, also considering the investment protection.

Automated warehouse systems and technologies

Thanks to our solid experience in SAP WM/EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management), we provide our customers a Warehouse Management that fits in their Supply Chain Strategy, with a real-time insight into warehouse activities and how these are influenced by rework activities and process bottlenecks such as repacking activities, picking changes, and door occupation.

Moreover, we draw on many successful use cases where we harness the potential of Internet of Things to meaningfully improve our customers’ warehouse operations.

Given that SAP offers a wide range of technology combinations to manage stocks and warehouse, we help our customers to:

  • Find the best fit solution in SAP portfolio for the warehouse landscape
  • Minimize the license costs dramatically by selecting what is really needed
  • Re-use of the existing code line of WM where possible, potentially minimising implementation costs significantly
  • Value add and quick win driven innovation and integration of WMS technology into your WMS will assure fastest possible ROI
  • Support in innovating and integrating WMS-Technologies in the WMS

Innovations in Intralogistics with SAP

Syscons fosters a culture of innovations, considering novel solutions connected to SAP EWM such as:

  • Material Flow System (MFS)​
  • Vendor Independent platform for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) with SAP EWM
  • Drone supported physical inventory taking
  • Picture Recognition to confirm transfer orders with SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • Smart Glasses picking with SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • Automated Guided Vehicle connected to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Resource Management
  • Augmented Reality for picking, packing and Value Added Services / Kitting
  • Robots supporting picking process in the warehouse –
    Connected via ITSmobile to SAP EWM
  • Pick-by-Voice with SAP EWM

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Focus areas

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  • Plan your fresh food and pharma production taking care of your products shelf life with Advanced Scheduling
  • Design your products to meet highly variable and individualized customer requirements with New Product Development and R&D
  • Tag your products to safeguard your articles also against counterfeiting. Increase production monitoring and increase efficiency with Smart Manufacturing
  • Orchestrate orders from multiple channels to get a consistent view of your customers with Digital Omnichannel