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Blend Digital Touchpoints to form a Unified View of the Customer

Today brands should address consumers where they are and provide them unique shopping experiences that meet their needs.

Deciding to participate in a digital marketplace means adding a new channel that needs a specific strategy (that considers assortment, economics, services etc..) and it should be integrated with all the other digital and offline touchpoints.

Brands can keep their promise and increase profitability only by providing consistent and personalized shopping experiences, possible if they can take advantage of a unified view of the customers across any channels.

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented & Virtual Reality AR/VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), can offer unforgettable shopping experiences.

Syscons Interactive for Digital Commerce

Syscons Interactive is our new global boutique of excellence specializing in consulting services for Fashion and Retail companies. They support brands and retailers in their digital transformation journey, providing end-to-end digital commerce solutions to stay competitive, while maximizing their customers satisfaction.

Syscons Interactive Portfolio

Syscons Interactive focuses on:

  • ICT Governance
  • Digital Omnichannel
  • Store Front
  • Retail Planning

Interactive team advises on all the different stages across the digital journey, spotting the best opportunities for growth, while minimizing risks.

ICT Governance

Interactive supports the ICT department in meeting business priorities and strategies under constraint of given timelines and budgets, by identifying best fitting solutions that match organization needs and ICT strategies. They pursue the right balance between innovation and efficient-effective utilization of IT assets and resources.

Deep Experience in:

  • Project Management
  • IT Strategy

Digital Omnichannel

The team supports customers in implementing Omnichannel, to guarantee a unique digital omnichannel experience anywhere along the customer journey, across any touchpoint and regardless how consumers decide to engage with a brand.

Interactive consultants know how to merge online and offline inventory flow and front- and back-end processes to create a robust, unified view of inventory and the customer.

Why do Interactive believe in Omnichannel?

  • Increased profitability
  • Value growth
  • Maintaining sustainability
  • Inventory improvements

Deep expertise in:

  • Manhattan Active ® Omni
  • Omnichannel POS
  • Clienteling

Store Front

The mission here is to enhance customers satisfaction through remarkable customer experiences.

Their main solutions are:

  • eCommerce, back end & front end
  • Marketplace (resellers, wholesalers)

Interactive Value:

  • Tailor made applications
  • End to End support
  • Go live in less than 5 months

Deep expertise in:

  • JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, PHP
  • HTML / CSS
  • Java, REST

Retail Planning

Thanks to Interactive multi-years’ experience in major fashion retail companies, we help our clients in increasing operating efficiency and sustainability and accelerating the responsiveness to demand changes.

With retail planning solutions, the team can:

  • Simplify the IT landscape with a single, unified data repository
  • Allow to move faster from insights to action
  • Integrate all the stages of the planning cycle
  • Integrate planning with execution
  • Make planning processes adaptive to changes in demand
  • Apply advanced quantitative techniques to merchandising processes
  • Enable machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve demand forecasting and planning practises

Deep expertise in:

  • SAP CARAB (Customer Activity Repository Application Bundle)
  • Nextail


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