Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Successfully manage and monitor your products shelf life

One of the challenges in the fresh food and pharma industries regards production planning. Although a modern Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system is required, implementation numbers in these industries are still not meaningful.

In these companies, handling short product shelf life represents a delicate process that needs to be centralized, managed and monitored.

We intervene with its knowledge in advanced software of APS systems as well as specialists from fresh food and pharma industries.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Expertise

This specific solution is addressed to production personnel (planner, responsible for the production line) with the aim to:

  1. Reduce labor/personnel cost and improve, among benefits, on-time-delivery, greater planning security and transparency
  2. Punctual management of the capabilities of production lines (avoid bottlenecks)
  3. Advanced planning and scheduling features like Finite/ Detailed scheduling, setup matrix, sequence constraints, Min/Max distances, alternative modes, propagation of schedule changes across all BOM levels, multilevel material flow visibility using pegging.
  4. Simulative (what-if) planning capabilities
  5. Industry planning features and advanced algorithms to support Automotive, Mill, Process Industries etc including
    1. Conti-IO, complete pegging, Block Planning, Campaign Planning, Shelf-Life
    2. Heuristics for compact planning, load leveling, closing gaps, … and heuristic framework
    3. Optimizer
  6. Integration with field system (MES), to provide info about the production process
  7. Get alerts on production progress (user friendly)

This solution runs now on S/4 HANA to provide our customers end-to-end management and high performance.

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