The Future of Fashion and Luxury? It’s digital and sustainable

Digital Transformation and eco-sustainability are currently two of the most common terms in all industries and critical goals for all organizations. But especially for brands that operate in some of the most appealing sectors, digital innovation and a much greener approach to business are way more than simple statements. They are bound to become a […]
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Strategies and Technologies to Build Sustainable Supply Chains

In my last blog, I discussed the various aspects of building sustainable supply chains in the modern world. From cost-efficiency to building strong investor relations, a sustainable supply chain leads to various benefits for any business. This is the reason why many leading organizations across the globe are proactively implementing sustainable methodologies. Sustainable supply chains […]
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Sustainable Supply Chains: How Can We Build Them?

Sustainable supply chains are largely discussed these days. Organizations design several strategies to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and reduce the carbon footprints originating mainly from the following critical processes: raw material sourcing, production, storage, and transportation. A sustainable supply chain aims to reduce the harm caused to the environment with a focus […]
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