Our Vision

Our Vision

We are a consulting boutique in our field of expertise, we develop our offer following some basic principles:

  • Deeply specialisation: larger part of our consultants are supply chain and operations consultants, with strong and focused expertise in this field of competences
  • Integrated approach: the modern supply chains couldn’t be approached as a set of data silos; we are designing and implementing connected supply chain solutions
  • Customer driven: we create with our customers a long term partnership relationship, supporting the full range of consulting services, from solution design to implementation, from tailor made solutions to full outsourcing
  • Talent oriented: we believe in people’s talent as a differential value to achieve an outstanding project success; for this reason we are heavily investing on our resources;
  • Vendor partnership: we are partnering with several software vendors since more than 15 years, being involved in early stage product training and teaming with our partners to achieve the best results on solution implementations
  • Cutting edge technology: an up to date supply chain solutions need to leverage on a mix of different technologies, from ERP to Cloud applications, from machine learning to internet of things; we are leveraging on all this technologies to create a real connected supply chain architecture

Our approach

As a consulting and system integrator, we are able to cover all the different stages of a digital journey: