The importance of welcoming and feeling welcomed.
Welcome on board!

If you’re on this page, probably you share with us the importance of welcome. Let’s deep dive in our onboarding process. Our onboarding will help you get your bearings and grow day by day.

“We believe that high expectations lead to improved performance.
We have faith in your abilities and we foster you to grow. Welcome in Syscons!”

Barbara Gentile, HR Manager

Day 1 – Welcome On board!
The first day is never forgotten.

First, before your day 1, our IT staff will have prepared everything necessary to start your onboarding, such as a computer station, access data, licenses, etc. Also, the HR Team will provide you all the documents and materials to start your life at Syscons.

On the first day, a meeting is organized with you, to make you meet your primary point of contact and discover your path with us.

During the first meeting, your will get to know:

  • Our organization, our history and where we’re going. A deep dive into our partners and our technological stack.
  • Your practice area: goals, initiatives, and team structure.
  • Your role and your career path in Syscons
  • Human Resources Manager and your direct Manager, who is responsible for you and will guide through your professional development.

Typically, onboarding is organized in the morning so you can have the chance to have lunch with the new colleagues and start snooping in your team’s life!

What happens after day 1?

Onboarding doesn’t stop with the first day, but continues across the whole year.

Your manager is responsible for your career pathing, so is committed to understanding your individual characteristics and providing continuous support, feedback, and performance reviews, to advance in your professional development.