Enhances end-to-end supply chain visibility integrating people, processes and technologies

Pharmaceutical companies normally use acquisitions to strengthen the drugmakers portfolio. In this scenario, pharma industries need to handle anything derived from mergers and acquisitions: bureaucracy, political stamp on the different prices as well as governance in fragmented and competitive markets. With proven experience in the industry, we help customers in strategically planning processes to broaden their pipelines and improve their profit-making capabilities.

Pharma Expertise

Driving acquisitions is a typical pharma strategic action to buy new products aligned and replenishing their new drug pipelines. We help our customers support this trend by integrating processes and objects to realize a successful merge. To do so, we collect all requirements to define a global template that integrates people, processes and objects such as Key Performance Indicators and Data.

Global Template definition: the keypoint to succeed

The definition of a global process template is a key point when managing acquisitions; it allows to standardize the way of working, to ease consolidation activities and to reduce the TCO. Obviously, the adoption of a global template must be supported by a robust approach to change in management.

In particular, regarding data, we have a strong background in master data normalization and masterdata management to help the customer that consent pharma to manage the strategy without any loss. Additionally, we also have deep knowledge of the GxP process and related validation process, which helps in managing all project activities accordingly.

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