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Streamline planning across the entire Digital Supply Chain

More than ever consumer goods organizations need to create comprehensive digital supply chain plans to coordinate various initiatives, from procurement and manufacturing to distribution and logistics. External events and internal constraints both force companies to overall prepare for best- and worst-case scenarios in order to maintain long-term success.

With 20 years’ experience in supporting large and medium size enterprises, we are your reliable and expert partner to streamline planning to drive benefits across the entire value chain.

Food and Beverage Expertise

Global challenges impel companies to think in the short term and prioritize accelerated process changes that alleviate pain points as quickly as possible. With our starter packs and productized services we could support shorter implementations as well as normal and periodical support.

In both viewpoints, we lead you in achieving the best results by implementing IT solutions according to procedural best practices and minimize custom development to contain longer lifecycles and higher costs.

From strategic to execution horizon, through the tactical and operational ones, thanks to our expertise in Food and Beverage industries, we support our customers in a wide range of solution covering main key topics:

  • Demand planning: It represents one of the most critical aspects for Food and Beverage industry. It’s the finished product demand variability to have the right product in the right place and time, cascading to receipts components planning and availability. An accurate forecast dramatically decreases the uncertainties that come with planning for the future.
  • Sales and Operation S&OP: With this module, we implement tools to support the collaboration in the forecasting process strategical department as marketing, finance, sales and operation, going further the traditional working in silos still in place in many Food and Beverage companies.
  • Supply planning: The aim of Supply Planning is to fulfill the demand plan supported by different automatic tools such as heuristics and optimizer, taking into consideration the main constraints for Food and Beverage, such as stock-on hand, desired target stock, safety stock, lead times, minimum order quantities.
  • Inventory: We help our customers optimize their inventory to calculate the right stock, through the network to cope with the demand, taking into consideration variability and SLA.
  • Production Planning: The scope is to deliver a mid-term production plan that matches overall supply to demand, considering available resources, materials, production models and capacity constraints.
  • Detailed scheduling: Scheduling determines optimal production sequence for execution, to meet delivery commitments based on actual constraints on the shop floor, leveraging multiple tools as heuristics, what-if analysis and multi criteria costs optimizer.

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