Life at Syscons

People at the Center

We have faith in your abilities and a chance to move towards your success. We believe that your perception of your ability to perform at a superior level substantially impacts the results. (The Pygmalion Effect)

It’s a positive place to grow.

Why join us?

We enhance your skills

We provide tools and learning to enhance your potential and improve both hard and soft skills.

We engage you. Really.

For us, it’s important to create opportunities to connect with you. From the morning coffee to internal and customer meetings. We believe in the power of active listening and we have the willpower to take into consideration your needs and connect them with the work.

We’re growing

We’re expanding globally, widening our propositions, harnessing top-notch technologies.

Our people say that when they joined Syscons for the first time, they felt like being in the right place at the right time.

They say that it’s easy to settle in Syscons because of the familiar environment, they’re enthusiastic about harnessing advanced technology and motivated to work with worldwide top customers.

Who we are looking for

We look for brave, practical and passionate people to take our customers to the next level. Personal features and aspects that we really appreciate:

  • Kindness: good manners are nice to have
  • Team workers that are seeing eye to eye: collaboration is required. In our teams, members can bring their best selves to work together while looking in the same direction
  • Brilliant consultants: being close to our customers is what differentiates us. We look for people able to help clients to make the right decisions and identify the best opportunities for growth.
  • Problem solvers: finding creative solutions is useful to solve everyday challenges.