Life at Syscons

People at the Center

Asking questions. Truly listening to the answers. Giving Feedback. You are at the center.
We spend quality time understanding your needs to match them with Syscons. We give feedback on performance and we support you in every way possible to grow.

Why join us?

Smart Working is here to stay.

We believe in flexibility in working hours and locations, paradigm of a more satisfied work-life balance. Smart, or Agile, Working allows all of us to save time, typically spent in stressful journeys, and manage it better, contributing to living more sustainable lives.

But we love life at the office!

You’re always welcome at the office! Sometimes, it’s important to discuss your project face to face with your team and it’s nice to have a lunch break with your colleagues! Our offices are strategically positioned and well served by public transportations, so you will feel comfortable coming and going.

We enhance your skills.

Thanks to our mentors and with the possibility to try on your own, you have the chance to learn on the job. In addition, we provide tools and learning to enhance your potential and improve both hard and soft skills while advancing your professional career.

We engage you. Really.

For us, it’s important to create opportunities to connect with you, from the morning coffee to customer meetings where we encourage you to bring your ideas to life.

What customers!

Our customers are both well-known international brands across industry and medium business with the ambition to digitally transform with us. Working with our customers is stimulated!

Right place, at the right time.

We’re a growing company. We’re growing as a team, in geography, in technology. In other words: dynamism, multiculturality, top notch technologies. Interesting, isn’t it?

How does our onboarding process work?

Who We Look For

We look for brave, practical, and passionate people to take our customers to the next level. Personal aspects that we really appreciate are:

  • Kindness: good manners are more than a nice to have
  • Team workers that are seeing eye to eye: collaboration is required. In our teams, members can bring their best selves to work together while looking in the same direction.
  • Brilliant consultants: being close to our customers is what differentiates us. We look for people able to help clients to make the right decisions and identify the best opportunities for growth.
  • Problem solvers: this is not a buzzword. Finding the right solution is useful to solve everyday challenges!