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Given that sales recovery to pre-pandemic levels is expected in the first quarter of 2023, fashion brands need to take better advantage of materials, from the initial sourcing stage to the creation of the final product, and work on achieving sustainability through technology. We provide comprehensive coverage of the collections lifecycle process and distribution to stores and wholesalers.

Fashion and Retail Expertise

We offer our customers highly specialized skills in data modeling, in the integration of these both in and out of financial plans. We support, train and empower the staff to work continuously with the solution.

Strategic level

  • Merchandise financial and assortment planning: as a strategic cornerstone, we help our clients define and share merchandise financial and assortment plans within their distribution network. In fact, merchandise financial and assortment plans must continuously be monitored and possibly corrected according to the events that affect the result. We support customers in this critical process that guarantees the quality of information. Consequently, our support allows production and distribution to produce and distribute the correct SKUs with accurate quantities, leading to greater profits and minimal waste, an admirable environmental benefit. Thanks to SAP CAR, powered by SAP HANA, we’re able to collect transactional data that is spread over multiple independent applications and devices.
  • Pre-Season Planning & In-season planning: once the collection has been defined, we help our customers in production planning and the distribution to the stores. In pre-season planning we primarily harness SAP IBP Demand Planning to help companies create the budget. In-season period, we mainly leverage SAP IBP Demand Sensing module powered by Machine Learning to gather order data and get insights on allocation priorities.

Tactic Level

  • Order Management System: digital adoption soared during the pandemic with many brands going online. We offer our customers an efficient Dynamic Order Management System that helps to improve the customers order fulfillment experience, resulting in shipping the articles orders closer to the customers. With this system, the management of all return processes also promotes a speed of replenishment in stock of all those products that are ready to be put back on sale according to the quality standard, satisfying the new customers’ requests.
  • Enterprise Applications: as shopping shifts to digital and most of the time happens from home, companies need to find new and effective ways to communicate with their customers. We provide our customers smart applications to increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness with the advantage of wisely collecting and managing your customers’ data coming from the store, transforming them into relevant insights.
  • Logistic execution: integrated with SAP ERP, our mission here is to optimize our customers global warehouse processes with the best-in-class warehouse management application SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

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