Product Lifecycle Management: challenges and opportunities for the businesses

The production processes are intricate and require proper management for the success of the entire process. A single breakdown at any stage of production can affect the whole process and lead to a significant monetary loss.    So, how can businesses avoid such losses?    Modern businesses can leverage a service called Product Lifecycle Management to streamline every stage included in the […]
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Integrated Business Planning is now more critical than ever

The pandemic has exposed the need for integrated planning and improved data integration between sectors. Companies of all sizes are currently realizing the importance of adopting an Integrated Business Planning process; however, many are reluctant, fearing the complexity of such an endeavor. The complexity, however, is not driven by the technology itself. A successful implementation can only […]
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Enterprise Integration: the nervous system of the modern enterprise

What is Enterprise Integration?  Enterprise Integration unites business applications, data, processes, and devices across the whole IT ecosystem allowing organizations to react against rapidly fluctuating business needs to become more responsive and agile. It takes a holistic approach to solve integration challenges by merging the separate data and application integration disciplines, into one combined effort […]
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