Probabilistic forecasting: how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make Fashion Retail more sustainable

Have you ever got lost in thousands of spreadsheets while chasing the best forecast for your products demand? Have you ever heard of the many benefits of data-driven probabilistic forecasting solutions? Let’s first look at what “forecasting” means and the difference between human-instinct driven approach and data-driven advanced solutions.  For markets and industries, the term […]
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Strategies and Technologies to Build Sustainable Supply Chains

In my last blog, I discussed the various aspects of building sustainable supply chains in the modern world. From cost-efficiency to building strong investor relations, a sustainable supply chain leads to various benefits for any business. This is the reason why many leading organizations across the globe are proactively implementing sustainable methodologies. Sustainable supply chains […]
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People Analytics: The Importance of Building a Consistent Model to take Critical Decisions

What is the strongest resource of a business? Is it the infrastructure that keeps things running or the technology that simplifies tedious tasks? IT people tend to relate business performance effectiveness to their technical environment/landscape, while in reality, it’s just a collection tool used by “supposed to be” skilled resources to manage information attached to […]
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Sustainable Supply Chains: How Can We Build Them?

Sustainable supply chains are largely discussed these days. Organizations design several strategies to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and reduce the carbon footprints originating mainly from the following critical processes: raw material sourcing, production, storage, and transportation. A sustainable supply chain aims to reduce the harm caused to the environment with a focus […]
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The Technologies to Empower Supply Chains

Modern supply chains are like those connecting pipes of the building. Sure, they are deeply hidden, but they are the ones that keep the building functioning! In my last blog, I spoke about the changing consumer habits and mentioned strategic solutions to adequately address them. In this post, I will concentrate on the technical aspect […]
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Today’s transformations of Logistic in Supply Chain Management

The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 changed the face of the supply chain industry. The sudden lack of manual power severely hampered the day-to-day operations of businesses. Fortunately, we are in a time where we have proper resources to recover those losses with the help of innovation in the field of Logistic Execution. Our Logistic Execution expert, Andreas Holtschulte, talks about the post-Covid transformation […]
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Localization of Supply Chain: A Solution for Better Tomorrow

Humankind cannot get enough speed! Today, people want everything around them to be quick and smart. In my last blog, I discussed the changing customer behavior and their demands for faster delivery. This demand for speed has been challenging the supply chain industry in many ways. Moreover, recent instances have also made it clear that […]
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New Year at Syscons by Martino Pettenati, Syscons North America Managing Director

The holiday season is over, and now, it’s time to get back to work!   Indeed, the concept of the new year and new everything sounds a wee bit cliché; yet, I would like really believe that the year 2022 will bring some positive changes within the supply chain industry.   The past two years have been really challenging for us, the supply chain “savvies” (a term I […]
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iPaaS: Welcome to the New Age of Integration

Apart from being a fancy buzzword, it is a great step forward within the Enterprise Application Integration area. Everyone is speaking about them, but what are they? iPaaS is not just a jargon but a leap of Enterprise Applications Integration. Sure, they have created an immense buzz in the market, but what actually are they?  […]
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Product Lifecycle Management: challenges and opportunities for the businesses

The production processes are intricate and require proper management for the success of the entire process. A single breakdown at any stage of production can affect the whole process and lead to a significant monetary loss.    So, how can businesses avoid such losses?    Modern businesses can leverage a service called Product Lifecycle Management to streamline every stage included in the […]
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