Exploiting Disruptions to Establish Resilient Supply Chains

This is not just a document. This is the result of the hard work of two high-level consultants with over 15 years of prestigious supply chain experience, most in discrete manufacturing and pharma. In this whitepaper you’ll get the opportunity to: Find yourself in a context that is familiar to you, offering you ample ideas […]
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People Analytics: The Importance of Building a Consistent Model to take Critical Decisions

What is the strongest resource of a business? Is it the infrastructure that keeps things running or the technology that simplifies tedious tasks? IT people tend to relate business performance effectiveness to their technical environment/landscape, while in reality, it’s just a collection tool used by “supposed to be” skilled resources to manage information attached to […]
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Sustainable Supply Chains: How Can We Build Them?

Sustainable supply chains are largely discussed these days. Organizations design several strategies to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and reduce the carbon footprints originating mainly from the following critical processes: raw material sourcing, production, storage, and transportation. A sustainable supply chain aims to reduce the harm caused to the environment with a focus […]
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Syscons Group Extends the Manufacturing Portfolio with its New Brand: Syscons Industries

Milan May, 31 – Manufacturing needs to be more innovative in order to address the modern challenges and Syscons Industries is here providing appropriate manufacturing solutions of our times. Formerly known as Ennova Industries, Syscons Industries is now full part of Syscons Group, as a boutique specializing in Smart Manufacturing. Syscons Group now provides a […]
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Syscons Interactive Partners with Nextail to Support Fashion and Retail in the Digital Transformation

Madrid, May 3 2022 – Syscons Interactive, our boutique specialized in Omnichannel Supply Chain Solutions and Nextail , a leading AI inventory management platform for brands and collection-based retailers. “We partner with Nextail to extend our digital supply chain value proposition with AI, machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics, that can empower the core merchandising of our customers. […]
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Syscons North America & Platinum DB Revolutionize the North American Supply Chain Market

Chicago, April 26, 2022 – Syscons North America, a global firm blending boutique-style client services with big-firm know-how, specialized in the delivery of Digital Supply Chain Solutions (DSC) and Platinum DB, a premium global consulting firm focusing on SAP Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (SAP EPPM), have announced their strategic partnership with the shared goal […]
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Privacy: Which Personal Data Are You Processing?

Privacy is no longer limited just to our personal lives, but it also expands to digital lives. The data people put out on the internet is sensitive and needs to be adequately protected. With an increasing number of data theft cases, the European Union took a remarkable step in 2016. They incorporated the General Data […]
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The Technologies to Empower Supply Chains

Modern supply chains are like those connecting pipes of the building. Sure, they are deeply hidden, but they are the ones that keep the building functioning! In my last blog, I spoke about the changing consumer habits and mentioned strategic solutions to adequately address them. In this post, I will concentrate on the technical aspect […]
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Digital Dialogue: Control Tower for a Sustainable and Integrated Planning

When: 2022, 29 March at 10.00 am CET Duration: 1 hour Language: Italian Sign up for this Digital Dialogue organized in collaboration with SAP and MADE Competence Center i4.0 to discover: How to plan efficiently and tackle the challenge of balancing sustainability and efficiency How to reach growth goals while maintaining total visibility and predictability […]
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Today’s transformations of Logistic in Supply Chain Management

The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 changed the face of the supply chain industry. The sudden lack of manual power severely hampered the day-to-day operations of businesses. Fortunately, we are in a time where we have proper resources to recover those losses with the help of innovation in the field of Logistic Execution. Our Logistic Execution expert, Andreas Holtschulte, talks about the post-Covid transformation […]
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