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The Journey from SAP NetWeaver to SAP BTP

I have been actively involved in partnering with customers on their SAP Modernization and Innovation journey and I like to begin creating the individual roadmap. 

At Syscons Futura, we leverage the map you will find below describing correspondence that highlights the relationship between SAP NetWeaver and the latest SAP Business Technology solutions. I hope it will be useful also for you.

In the coming days, I will be sharing the blog titled The Journey from SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA and the Composable Enterprise. It will provide a second map focusing on the SAP Enterprise Process Management solutions.


The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) has emerged as a highly successful and crucial component of the SAP proposition and it is now key to modernize and amplify the return of your investments.

It provides a comprehensive range of Business Technology services in the areas of Integration, Application Development and Automation, Data & Analytics and AI.

SAP BTP serves also as the foundation for the Composable Enterprise and for the SAP Clean Core paradigm and a certain amount of consumption units of some powerful services are even included into the RISE with SAP program. 

It has been mostly written from scratch according to modern cloud paradigms and it also includes solutions created by acquired companies and services provided by strategic partners.

Origins of the SAP BTP

I’ve often come across the question: 

Where does the concept of a Business Technology Platform come from?

While it’s commonly believed that SAP BTP draws inspiration from cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, I think it is also a re-evolution of SAP NetWeaver and thus it is important to plan and experience the best journey. 

I vividly remember the revolution it brought to the market. Introduced around 2004 (SAP NetWeaver – Wikipedia), it provided several capabilities, including SAP Portal, SAP BW, and SAP PI, under a single umbrella.

The Evolution:

Seventeen years later, in 2021, SAP BTP took center stage and is revolutionizing the market, right now. 

This time, the platform directly combines harmonized services within the same cloud.

The Syscon Futura “SAP NetWeaver to SAP BTP” Map:

To illustrate the correspondences between SAP NetWeaver and SAP BTP, I’d like to share the map created by the Business Technology Team of Syscons Futura.

Although the map provides a summary and is not exhaustive, I believe it will greatly assist the SAP BTP Learning Journey for the thousands of customers and consultants familiar with SAP NetWeaver.

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SAP NetWeaver is now in sunset-mode and its End of Life is set for the end of 2027, with optional extended maintenance set for 2030. 

As we can see in the map, SAP BTP has its roots in SAP NetWeaver and surpasses it in every aspect, offering a more comprehensive and advanced platform.

I strongly believe that leveraging SAP BTP it is possible to unlock new possibilities and drive business success in the ever-changing technological landscape.