Patrizia Rossi, SAP Builder, Syscons Futura

How can you unlock the power of SAP Build’s no code/low code tools? Let’s meet SAP Builder Patrizia Rossi

At Syscons Futura, SAP Modernization and Innovation is one of the team’s obsessions to improve customers’ business agility and make organizations more efficient.
Nowadays, there are factors that urge Modernization and Innovation: on one hand technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Hyperautomation, Low-code, and No-code are revolutionizing the way businesses innovate. As a consequence, companies have to be able to surf this wave to stay ahead of the competition. On the other hand SAP has announced its end of maintenance of SAP ECC and SAP NetWeaver in 2027. Therefore, it’s important to start the modernization process as soon as possible to ensure a successful transition to the modern SAP solutions: SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Among the latest SAP innovations in SAP BTP, there’s SAP Build Apps, a cloud-based tool that empowers Citizen Developers to quickly iterate and validate UI designs, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness also of SAP application development.

Last year Patrizia Rossi, SAP Solution Architect at Syscons Futura, won the #NoCodeChallenge and has been named an SAP Champion within an SAP program that rewards the most distinguished consultants in the SAP community. In particular, Patrizia Rossi, combining his passion for plants with technology, developed her Plant4Future app created in SAP Build Apps.

Plant4Future app recognizes plants from an image, and retrieves information about the plant application. SAP Build simplifies the design and prototyping of user interfaces for SAP applications. Working with customers, it fosters collaboration among designers, developers, and stakeholders, helping them visualize and refine the user experience.” Said Patrizia Rossi

Patrizia has been active in the SAP community since 2009, earning various recognition badges. At Syscons Futura she’s currently involved in various projects, where she’s able to create innovative and user-friendly apps in a short time using SAP Build Apps.

Interested in talking with Patrizia to get more insights about SAP Build Apps? Get in touch with her.