Turn on Innovation with SAP Build

SAP Compact Webcast Series

Digital, April, 4 | h10-11

We’re glad to announce that we’re invited by SAP to join, as speakers, this webinar series on SAP Business Technology Platform to illustrate to our customers how to accelerate innovation with SAP Build.
In this Italian webcast, SAP experts will introduce SAP Build, a portfolio of low-code solutions/no-codes to support business users at all levels, easily create and customize business applications, automate and innovate tedious processes, and design collaboratively.

In the second part of the session, we will present our Hyper Automated Project Assistant, a business use case applied in the scenario of sustainable new product development.

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Our Speakers

Michele Cannavaro is a Data&Analytics Lead at Syscons Group and an SAP PPM, SAP EPPM, and Analytics expert. At Syscons, he’s mainly committed to accelerating insights and transforming the data into the answers the business needs. To do
this, he leverages Analytics components in SAP BTP. When he’s not at Syscons, Michele likes listening to music, designing, building Legos, and exploring the night sky with his telescope.

Dario Fracassetti is a Practice Manager at Syscons Group with extensive experience in helping companies innovate through Hyperautomation. Specialized in SAP BTP, Low-Code / No-Code, RPA, ABAP, he uses his experience as a solution architect, to help and improve the business. Dario is an avid biker and loves spending time skiing with his friends.

Patrizia Rossi is an Application Development Team Leader at Syscons Group, with an excellent experience in ABAP, SAPUI5, SAP Fiori and SAP BTP projects. In 2022, her Plants4Future App was one of the three winners of the #SAPLowCodeNoCodeChallenge. She is one of the top contributors and leaders within the SAP Community, and in February 2023 she was nominated as an SAP Champion. In her spare time, she practices Dog Agility sport with her dog Joker.