MuleSoft Automation Everywhere Bundle

Save Time and Costs with MuleSoft Automation Everywhere Bundle

We are excited to announce that Salesforce has launched an Automation Everywhere Bundle, a suite of tools powered by our partner MuleSoft to help companies automate across any system to find success now with higher productivity and lower costs.

The landscape of our customers today is more uncertain than ever and they’ve never faced more change. They are balancing all of this with meeting increased customer expectations, innovating, and doing more with less to achieve results.

MuleSoft supports organizations to increase efficiency at lower costs. Actually, customers have seen an average of 25% lower IT costs and up to 27% faster automation of processes after implementing these tools.

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For example, Bayer and RBC Wealth Management deployed Salesforce products to successfully transform their businesses with automation. Bayer saw a 200% increase in speed of product development and a 5x increase in speed to market, while RBC Wealth Management was able to consolidate 26 systems into one, reduce maintenance costs, and streamline the client onboarding process.

So, with Automation Everywhere Bundle, our customers can:

  • Integrate Any System, Unlock Customer Data
  • Equip Any Team to Automate with Clicks or Code
  • Deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences, Faster

Who is this bundle for? 

  • IT (CIO, Information Technology, Head of Digital)
  • Finance & Accounting (CFO, VP of FP&A)
  • Service (VP of Service, Director of Customer Success)
  • Operations (Business operations, admins & project management, procurement) 
  • Business user (ex. business analyst, operations manager)
  • RPA developer or IT

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