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Low Code & No Code: What’s in there for me?

Low Code / No Code (LCNC) is nothing new but in recent months, we heard a lot about it. So, since I’m curious and I always want to stay up to date with new technologies, I started to deep dive more into this topic, finding out why this chit chat: LCNC development platforms are unlocking new substantial value today.

But wait a second, what’s a Low Code / No Code (LCNC) development platform?

It is a visual software development environment, where instead of  “written code” you will use “graphical code”. Long story short the developers (Professional or Citizen) will be able to create mobile or web apps by dragging and dropping application components and connecting them together.

At first, as an experienced developer, I was skeptical and I started thinking: is it just a fad?

I decided to give it a try and started digging deeper into the various platforms and features offered.

One day while I was dragging and dropping building blocks on my two screens, my little daughter stepped by and asked: What are you doing with all those colorful shapes and arrows?”. 

I started to explain to her that I was creating an application, combining such shapes and arrows.

Like Lego blocks?” she said with a bit of curiosity.

Yes, like Lego blocks!” I answered.

After that she sat by me and started watching me silently.

She told me that I made an ugly application, and that the applications that she uses every day are different. 

Fifteen minutes later she took the lead. She was standing in front of the monitor telling me where to move the pictures, buttons and picking the colors for the themes.

That was really funny, but at the same time made me think that nowadays the final user knows better than anyone else how an application should look and function!

App for a restaurant – example of a visual logic, Drag & Drop building blocks and connect them together

Here’s the revolution brought by LCNC development:

If a developer prepares the ground (API, OData), another “persona” with different skills (Citizen Developer / business user) can take charge of the realization of the application with basic or minimum knowledge of IT stuff.

After this personal experience I recommend to all to try out the LC/NC platforms.

The customers that I meet every day are eager to start developing applications, to boost the digital transformation of their company and to offload the IT department.

On one hand, shortage of IT skills will no longer be the bottleneck for projects requested by the business, and the business will have a fast lane and the final say on everything. It’ll be a win-win!

In the end, to answer my previous question: is it just a fad? I now can say that the LC/NC platforms are here to stay.

And last but not least, my special “final user” was very happy with the results.

Featured image: Shutterstock