Syscons Sponsor at SAP NOW Italy 2022

At Syscons, we support companies in making their supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

Milan, October 3rd 2022 – Syscons will sponsor SAP NOW 2022, the SAP event that annually brings together customers, potential customers and partners interested in digital innovation.

Regenerating Business, Respecting the Planet” is the title of this year’s event that focuses on the connection between ecological transition and digital transformation. By activating a great virtuous circle, SAP intends to demonstrate that the digital innovation of which it is the promoter, addresses to create sustainable business.
Document dematerialization, reduction of transports, are some of the topics on which we’re focusing together with our customers, to make business sustainable through SAP digital solutions.


The event will be articulated both in presence, on October, 20 at the SuperStudio Maxi in Milan, Italy and online, through live streaming and on demand contributions, available from the day of the event onwards.

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Within the thematic area dedicated to Supply Chain Management, Syscons proposes two relevant speeches:

In presence at Superstudio Maxi in Milan

16.00 – 16.20 pm CET, Discover how our white goods customer enhances the Sales & Operation Planning process and improves supply chain responsiveness in a context of global uncertainty
Marco Zaglio, Partner – SCM Practice Lead, Syscons

Learn how Whirlpool can now react quickly to changes in demand, in the supply and in the production, with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP).

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Streaming & On Demand

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC): knowledge and lessons learned from the field. Discover Syscons Experience
Gianni Pelizzo, Partner, Syscons
Pierpaolo Russo, Leading Expert in Smart Manufacturing, Syscons

Why are we talking about SAP DMC today? How does this solution connect top floor business systems to shop floor equipment to provide global visibility across all plants? How can customers accustomed to on-premise solutions, move to the cloud without risks?

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At our Corner

On October 20th from 9.30 am to 6 pm you can also meet Syscons experts at our booth.

Right here, we invite you to an in-depth conversation on SAP DMC. In this sense, we announce our collaboration with Beckhoff Automation, a leading company in implementing open automation systems using proven PC-based control technology. With Beckhoff, we can provide our customers with end-to-end manufacturing solutions, supporting them in the selection of the right hardware to redesign production processes in a smart way.

Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff solutions offers the flexibility of acquiring the variables/data of any machinery/plant from the OT field, thanks to the control of all industrial fieldbuses (including OPC-UA, MQTT, REST) and a comprehensive range of acquisition and measurement cards for all physical quantities. In addition, they offer the possibility of acquiring and analysing energy consumption, gas, water, temperatures, pressures and vibrations in real time.
Through multicore Edge computing (PAC) technology, it is possible to process data acquired in the field and forward it to a local or cloud DB, or interface with the ERP, MES management IT environment. In this way, ERP, MES platforms benefit from a unified and standardised model for interfacing with industrial L0,L1,L2 layers, entering fully into the Smart Production/Service/Efficiency concept. This multilaterality and openness provides the end customer with the benefits like maximised production and resources efficiency, assuring future sustainability reducing material consumption through predictive maintenance, direct connectivity which enables Industrie 4.0 solutions.

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If you cannot participate, but you are interested in learning more about what Syscons can do for you, contact us for more information.