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Industry 4.0: FGA Informatica joined Syscons Group

Ready to drive customers through their digital transformation journey to Smart Factory.

FGA Informatica became part of Syscons Group with the aim of consolidating the Industry 4.0 group’s offering. The team, dedicated to the world of manufacturing and industrial edge computing, encompasses 30 consultants with extensive experience in factory processes and specific software.

FGA Informatica is a company that has been in business for almost twenty years, addressing some of the leading companies in Italy with smart manufacturing solutions on SAP platform; Syscons Group has a team with a solid experience in the development of projects in the field of Manufacturing Execution, both on traditional architectures (SAP MII / SAP ME) and the latest generation products (Hybrid Cloud such as SAP DMC and SAP DMI).

This operation therefore strengthens the group’s potential to lead end-to-end projects in the smart manufacturing field, combining Syscons Industries‘ expertise in the area of connectivity and Industrial Edge, with the process and product skills of FGA.

Gianni Pelizzo, Partner Syscons Group and Andrea Ferramosca, CEO and Founder, FGA Informatica
Gianni Pelizzo, Partner, Syscons Group and Andrea Ferramosca, CEO and Founder, FGA Informatica

 “After the first years of independent growing, I started looking for a partner who could complete our offering with both applicative skills on the entire supply chain and technological competence for physical connectivity with machines and plants. In my mind, this could have led to the next wave of FGA expansion. I identified Syscons Group as the ideal partner to take advantage of the synergies with a large group well known in the Italian market, while maintaining the autonomy of my company.” – Andrea Ferramosca, CEO and founder, FGA

The latest changes in both approach and enabling technologies for Smart Manufacturing, required our group to equip itself with a team that would quickly position us as one of the primary partners on the Italian market; once we met Andrea and his team, we immediately figured out that we share the same vision. This would lead to a successful partnership.” – Gianni Pelizzo, Partner, Syscons Group

Recently, we have included in the group’s stock SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, a cloud-based MES solution, which maximizes the transparency of the operations that take place on the shop floor. Within the RISE with SAP proposal, DMC presents itself as a complete product in terms of execution, insights, manufacturing network and resource orchestration. Based on SAP Fiori, DMC offers a modern, simple and attractive user experience. Syscons and FGA are working together on delivering SAP DMC projects to provides customers global visibility across all plants.

Despite being part of Syscons Group, FGA Informatica will remain an independent company collaborating with the other brands of the group, continuing to be an agile and autonomous entrepreneurial reality.

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