Street among Forest, Green Supply Chain, Planning in Disruptions

Exploiting Disruptions to Establish Resilient Supply Chains

This is not just a document. This is the result of the hard work of our Senior Managers Stefano Galli and Adelaide Caputo who brought their extensive experience in supply chain management in this paper, to discuss how to establish resilient supply chains in discrete manufacturing and pharma.

In this whitepaper you’ll get the opportunity to:

  • Find yourself in a context that is familiar to you, offering you ample ideas for reasoning
  • Find out how to address the rising demand in the market
  • Learn how to plan resilient supply chains and how to orchestrate long, mid, and short term strategies in real time
  • Discover useful tools applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enhance your forecast capabilities

Who is this whitepaper for?

  • Supply Chain Director/Manager
  • Production Director/Manager
  • IT Director/Manager

Download the White Paper