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Syscons Group Extends the Manufacturing Portfolio with its New Brand: Syscons Industries

Milan May, 31 – Manufacturing needs to be more innovative in order to address the modern challenges and Syscons Industries is here providing appropriate manufacturing solutions of our times. Formerly known as Ennova Industries, Syscons Industries is now full part of Syscons Group, as a boutique specializing in Smart Manufacturing. Syscons Group now provides a broad range of solutions employing automated manufacturing, leading to the highest levels of adaptability.

Syscons Industries

Industries’ team have an extensive portfolio of delivering smart manufacturing solutions to our customers. Their solutions are data-driven and capable of providing real-time control over all manufacturing operational processes. The new brand aims for efficiency, which is why our team works closely with our customers to identify and address the unique challenges of businesses.

Syscons Industries is a group of trusted consultants who craft solutions that involve utilizing top-notch technology platforms, smart devices, and applications that upgrade your operational processes to the next level. Moreover, the team also trains the workforce of our customers to increase, again, the efficiency of all the manufacturing-related processes.

Syscons Industries’ core pillars are:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Industrial Internet of Things & Edge Computing
  • Energy Management

Manufacturing Execution Systems focusing on Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)

Syscons Industries has a proven experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) based on either SAP or other proprietary and best-in-class software. MES links all the processes to promote efficiency through digitized manufacturing processes and integrated systems.

Syscons Industries brings cloud-based Manufacturing Execution to our customers

Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) is also a manufacturing execution system (MES) developed by SAP to empower supply chain management. DMC establishes a solid connection between business and production to enhance visibility across all plants. DMC connects the top floor business system, with shop floor equipment to provide global visibility. It monitors production orchestration and execution operation throughout all business processes, ultimately leading to its goal.

SAP DMC and DMI (Digital Manufacturing Insights) conducts the following tasks to empower businesses:

  • Proper execution of production-related processes
  • Analysis of data, production, and business

Besides, it integrates all the systems with cost-effective and resource-efficient methods based on Industry 4.0.

Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to make more informed decisions

Industries develop a comprehensive strategy diving down to the shop floor, which includes edge computing, customization of all operational processes, by combining them with IoT services and data. This strategy focuses on transforming data into relevant insights at disposal of the business.

Energy management for sustainable growth

Energy consumption is a critical issue in today’s world that impacts the environment and the business’s income statement. Syscons Industries builds an extensive plan to control energy consumption and promote energy efficiency by identifying how to control the consumption. In simple words, with Syscons Industries, you make you able to achieve sustainable growth.

Keep pace of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing with Syscons Industries

Syscons Industries combines boutique-like customer services with technology expertise to deliver the best solutions to customers.

The team helps modern businesses to achieve their goal of transforming manufacturing into smart factories, by grabbing all possible Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Industries empowers the manufacturing capabilities and improves operational reliabilities; they centralize processes and automate the data collection.

Modernizing businesses is always be our passion and goal, and now we’re maximizing our efforts to bring innovation to manufacturing.