Syscons and Platinum DB Partnership in Chicago

Syscons North America & Platinum DB Revolutionize the North American Supply Chain Market

Chicago, April 26, 2022 Syscons North America, a global firm blending boutique-style client services with big-firm know-how, specialized in the delivery of Digital Supply Chain Solutions (DSC) and Platinum DB, a premium global consulting firm focusing on SAP Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (SAP EPPM), have announced their strategic partnership with the shared goal of guiding customers to and through professional services in all SAP-related enterprise solutions from Design to Operate.  

For years, Syscons has been providing unique and competent solutions to their customers, who happens to be the big players in their respective industries.  

After a series of successful projects in Europe, Syscons has established a presence in North America to provide the same quality services to the businesses of this continent. This led us to form an alliance with Platinum DB, a premium SAP Partner for its added-value services, to create and end-to-end successful strategy in the cloud.

Martino Pettenati
Martino Pettenati, Managing Director
at Syscons North America

“Syscons since 2001, has a leading role implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning to ensure the business continuity of our customers and help them taking in factors around risk and uncertainty. Across the years, Syscons evolved into a global player providing a comprehensive digital supply chain portfolio and omnichannel solutions.

With a combined experience of over 4 decades, Syscons North America and Platinum DB are forming a strong alliance with a passion for delivering excellence. We are approaching the market as a team of experts in designing and offering large scale digital supply chain solutions. Our alliance will provide unparalleled support and services throughout all-digital supply chain management stages. With the alliance with Platinum DB, we are introducing a new regime of perfectionism in our expanding market.”  – Martino Pettenati, Managing Director at Syscons North America  

Anthony DeRosa, President of
Platinum DB Consulting, Inc. 

“Since 1999, Platinum DB has been the leader in the SAP EPPM market. We have delivered successful BTP solutions and implementation for customers in the Cloud and On-premise.  Our partnership with Syscons will allow us to offer, implement, deliver, and support our innovation digital supply chain solutions also to the European market. 

Our partnership will allow us to deliver a unique set of SAP BTP Rise solutions and services that is not available to SAP customers from other SAP SI’s”. – Anthony DeRosa, President of Platinum DB Consulting, Inc.  

Combined Business Value

Syscons  has been a champion in the Digital Supply Chain and SAP IBP ( Integrated Business Planning) space  for over 20 years with a keen eye on entering the North American market.  Platinum DB brings over 20 years of experience in the SAP EPPM and Projects Systems space.  Our combined domain expertise and experience with systems integration will ensure the two product portfolios work seamlessly. Therefore, with this partnership, we are taking a step towards modernizing supply chains with our solutions from Design to Operate.  

Syscons North America & Platinum in a Box

Syscons in a box is our comprehensive smart suite of packages, including specific services designed according to the needs of global and local businesses. With this partnership, we will be offering Syscons North America & Platinum DB in a box, therefore a packaged offering streamlining the evaluation processes and accelerating the executive services.  

All packages have fixed scope, time and price and are meant to make processes transparent. Hence, they provide maximum control over processes to achieve desired results.  

About Syscons

Syscons Foundation: 2001

Syscons, SAP Partner, helps their clients to elevate their supply chain and manufacturing strategies as well as implementing solutions that will advance their business to the next level, by innovating at the intersection of advanced technology and sustainable, supply chain solutions. Their mission is to provide customers with end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain, from business planning to customer delivery, contributing to their overall efficiency.

About Platinum DB

Platinum DB Foundation: 1999

Platinum DB, SAP Partner, is a global consulting firm, thought leader in Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management, Project systems, Hybrid Planning, Cloud Integrations and SAC Analytics & Extended Planning Solutions (xP&A). They help their clients develop and implement new products faster, with centralized processes and information, and provide technical services that enhance our customers’ business value.