Milan, Syscons Interactive new subsidiary

Syscons Interactive: a New Fresh Opportunity for Fashion & Retail

Syscons Group expands its value offering through its new subsidiary Syscons Interactive, our global boutique, with its headquarter in Milan (IT), specializing in consulting services for Fashion and Retail companies.

As we know, the fashion industry is constantly under transformation. Consumers have totally changed their purchasing behavior in the last few years, shifting to online commerce and pretending to have an integrated offline purchasing experience.

“Over a period of just eight months, e-commerce’s share of fashion sales nearly doubled from 16 percent to 29 percent globally, jumping forward six years’ worth of growth” (McKinsey Fashion Scenarios, September 2020).

Given a massive focus on sustainability, especially from gen-z, most customers pay attention to all production and transport processes to deliver sustainable products. Moreover, the sustainable fashion niche is a huge market that attracts passionate consumers. It basically includes the latest trends like eco-friendly clothes, fuel-efficient transport, etc. A focus on these aspects of the fashion and retail industry is beneficial for businesses in the long run.

Therefore, the consumers’ expectations from businesses are getting higher: they want top-quality, sustainable products, personalized shopping experience and more accurate deliveries.

Fashion and Retail businesses need to respond to these changing habits by becoming more efficient in the delivery and operations.

This is the reason why Syscons Interactive was born: to offer its clients the possibility to move their business to the next level, addressing the modern challenges within the framework of Omnichannel.

With more than 50 consultants partnering with top global clients, Syscons Interactive combines a deep understanding of local requirements with cutting-edge integrated solutions to support the customers in their digital transformation initiatives to create a satisfying, and personalized omnichannel experience integrated with the supply chain.

Syscons Interactive has extensive expertise in each of these fields:

  • Merchandise Financial Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Distributed Order Management
  • Allocation strategy
  • Logistic Execution
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Consumer Apps
  • Store & POS
  • Cloud Applications

To learn more, visit Syscons Interactive Website: Omnichannel & Digital Supply Chain Solutions | Syscons Interactive.

For Syscons Interactive transformation is an opportunity. Change is an opportunity, opportunity to improve.