Story of a new teammate

How the First Month in Syscons Looks Like: A Story of Rosalinda Nunziata

How was your first day at Syscons?

The first time I arrived at the Milan office, I was greeted by the HR manager and the head of the PLM sector. These were the welcoming people I had already met during the selection interviews and during my academic career.

As we proceeded, I met the other colleagues who also happen to be the recent pass-outs of the Academy. We shared this journey as students, and now, we are beginning the professional chapter of our lives together. It was delightful to have them there and share the upcoming journey.

We were very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​embarking on a new career path but, at the same time, a little bewildered by the fact of not knowing what to expect.

Becoming part of an already consolidated team and being in contact with experienced professionals in this sector felt intimidating at the time. However, our worries disappeared immediately once we entered the meeting room, where one of the board member managers welcomed us. The thing that captivated us was the solace at which things were working.

All the managers, stakeholders, and even the CEO greeted us warmly. They are people of outstanding professional experience, yet they were very humble, kind, and helpful, making the working environment pliantly enjoyable.

What are you currently working on?

I have been included in two projects. One was in its early stage, whereas the other was advanced. These two activities required a lot of commitment, studying, and of course, curiosity!

My duties are to study and understand the processing methods of client companies. In addition, I am responsible for finding out how to implement system solutions that can meet the needs of each of them.

Every day brings unique challenges to me. However, I see them as opportunities to give my best to utilize the system’s functionality for the success of the current project.

How would you describe your experience with your mentor at Syscons?

I still feel lucky to be supported by a very competent specialist, a person who loves his job and works hard every day to achieve his goals; this is one of the things he’s been teaching me from day one. He immediately tried to encourage me to do my best, to learn to be autonomous, and to always find the right solutions to problems; so that I could assimilate the possible problems and plausible resolutions on my own. We immediately established a relationship of esteem and trust that makes sharing work a mutual exchange of ideas, which stimulates and encourages us to always look beyond our limits.

The first challenge in Syscons: what was it, and how did you face it?

Being a Management Engineer, I have always found it a bit difficult to deal with a computer system rather than with people directly. Studying how a system behaves on certain occasions, was the greatest difficulty to which I was subjected. My training and personal attitude has always led me to ask myself the reason for the events in order to fully understand the things encountered; working in Syscons, I had to look for my reasons beyond my limits, going to understand through tests and analyzing how the system could cope with the situations that were proposed to it.

The work environment always matters. How are you finding yourself?

The work environment that I found was very casual and friendly. All colleagues have always proved to be helpful and kind, always willing to help and be useful for the recruitment of new recruits. Unlike what I might have thought before entering, through the advice of consultants from other companies, entering this area has not been traumatic, we have always encountered new stimuli and personal growth, without too many frustrations or exaggerated pressures, with a drive towards the positive improvement of the individual and of the group.