Syscons: the Right Intuition, at the Right Time

We celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Syscons in the last month. On this occasion, we’ve interviewed Savino dal Molin (CEO) and Silvia Taretto (Partner) on how Syscons was born and grown.

We live in a world of people having good ideas and excellent skills. Unfortunately, not all ideas are the right ideas, at the right time.

However, we also live in a world where people having excellent skills and determination, combine them with the correct business intuition at the right time, to form concrete initiatives.

This is the case, where an exact business idea, leading by able people, went behind the birth of Syscons.

Thanks to the collaboration with significant professionals and partnership with an excellent organization like SAP, MuleSoft, Boomi and OneTrust, Syscons is now a solid global organization, well recognized by the market as a spearhead for supply chain solutions.

How was Syscons born?

Savino Answers

Let’s begin with an answer to a tough question!

Before establishing Syscons, Franco Taretto (President at Syscons) and I had worked together for almost twenty years. We knew each other very well and worked together for a consulting firm. We were IT consultants there.

Our two-decade-long journey was full of ups and downs, actually mainly ups! We encountered and tackled several challenges while playing key roles of division and branch managers. Then, we decided to embark on the entrepreneurial path. So, I would like to say that Syscons was born from the reflection of our professional lives.

What was the intuition behind the birth of Syscons?

Savino Answers

We thought SAP could be the opportunity that we needed to grab. In the company where we worked, the management did not think it was worth it. So, with some clients who provided us with the opportunity, we founded Syscons way back in 2001.

What were the first steps?

Savino Answers

In the beginning, things weren’t as poetic as one could think! We took on ‘projects by opportunty’, which means we considered everything that we thought we could use to keep working.

With time, we gradually began with more strategic designs. Coincidently, one of our italian CPG customer decided to adopt SAP solutions at that time. Specifically, they went for SAP PP/PI Production Planning for process module industries, which was suitable for the new planning needs of a food industry handling on global levels.

Did you know how to work on this new SAP module?

Absolutely not, as we were just approaching the SAP world. We rolled up our sleeves we collaborated with new people to evaluate the new module.

Then, we presented the SAP capable of managing initiatives in this direction.

What was the turning point?

Savino and Silvia Answer

When we implemented SAP APO (SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization) in the same CPG customer, we realized we need to evolve our approach. Now, I would like to leave the floor to Silvia Taretto to explain the APO team in his own expert style!

Whit the SAP APO team, we understood it was time to work strategically to coordinate with customers, rather than being managed by them.

The team was setted around common goals and instructed as true high level advisors. This was a significant turning point for Syscons as an organization.

Milan, Rome, Padua, Chicago, Walldorf: what do these expansions mean for Syscons?

Savino Answers

After eight years of Syscons’ foundation, we expanded our presence. The involvement of a new partner in Milan, made it possible for us to work simultaneously with two important clients in the discrete manufacturing industry. The same thing happened in Rome, where we established a new headquarter of Analytics & Compliance under the leadership of Andrea Antenucci.

At the same time, SAP launched SAP Integrated Business Planning (in 2016), which proved to be a crucial milestone. We moved from SAP APO to SAP IBP, thanks to Marco Zaglio, which increased our reach on a larger scale. Talking about Chicago, i met Martino Pettenati and identified him as the right person to make efforts to establish an American headquarters to flourish in the US market by utilizing all the opportunities.

With Gianni Pelizzo‘s entry, we have notably extended our skills in the manufacturing area, especially in PLM and MES. Moreover, Joachim Lumpe and Andreas Holtshulte joined us via IN3 and became a part of our team. They made us able to offer solutions in Warehouse and Executive Logistics Field. At last, with Fabio Arrigoni, we expanded our services to offer digital solutions for Apparel, Fashion & Retail industries.

The collaboration with industry experts drove us to the territorial expansion adding new value to offer in SAP. These positive signs gave us hope and meant new customers, projects, and substantial growth.

Would you like to give us an anecdote to describe the situation best?

Silvia Answers

I would like to mention that the adventure began at our top CPG customer of setting up the module SAP IBP Sales & Operation Planning.

At that time, another supplier was handling the project, and even after two years, they weren’t live. On the other hand, we took it, and just in six months, we went live!

Let’s say that Savino and I often thought of not making it till the end, albeit we kept our spirits high to motivate the team. In the end, the success was ours.

Indeed, it was exhausting, yet we did it!

Who is Syscons today?

Savino Answers

Our customers often tell us that Syscons is a boutique knowing all the nooks and crannies of Supply Chain Planning and Execution. Thanks to our exploration of newer business processes, the market now perceives us with a broader intention.