Case studies
Cookie Banner Implementation, Food & Beverage Company

Cookie Banner Implementation in a Food & Beverage Multinational Company

About the Customer

Global food & beverage supplier specializing in confectionery products. ​

Subjected to be compliant with local privacy laws across 50 countries. ​

The Challenge

Following the enforcement of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – “General Data Protection Regulation” (from now on also known as GDPR or ‘the Regulation’), our customer has decided to focus on privacy requirements regarding the cookie banner.​

At the Group level: implement a standard model to manage Cookies on all domains, have a centralized governance, and simplify the maintenance activities on “cookie banner”, “users’ consent”, and detailed cookies inside privacy policy. ​

Websites: ​

Manage a considerable number of websites (more than 250) across several domains at different levels:​

  • Corporate level (Institutional website)​
  • Brand level (Product website)​
  • Local-level (Local product/promotion website)​

Technology: ​

Suit cookies banner configuration to different technology adopted on the website:​

  • Google Tag Manager ​
  • Source code​
  • Use of floodlights/iframes​

Project Management:

Schedule, manage, and plan cookie banner release for all websites by interacting with several providers across two different categories:​

  • Creative Digital Agency (in charge of content and web pages)​
  • Global Media Agency (in charge of Google Tag Manager)​

Cookies: ​

Not homogeneous use of cookies inside websites​.

The Solution

We supported our customer in defining rules (Golden Rules) and customizing content, styles, and consent behaviors of banner and preference center shown to site visitors. ​

Golden Rules were defined centrally to be compliant across several privacy laws (such as GDPR, LGPD, and so on). ​

Cookie banner training induction meetings were provided to the Digital and Media Agencies involved to increase cooperation and optimize effort and timing.​

The Process:​

Each website requires the following activities to have cookies banner configured:​

  • Scan and Categorization: Place all cookies on a site in clearly defined categories​
  • Define template and styling: Customize the consent model in terms of content and styling for the 3 main objects managed (banner, preference center, cookies list)​
  • Scripts injection: Create scripts to be injected into the website to let the platforms communicate​
  • Cookies blocking: Block cookies categorized outside of strictly necessary ones until the user has consented​

Change Management:​

Cookie Banner Golden Rules helped the client to increase accountability to privacy requirements of cookies consents at the corporate level.​

The Tool: OneTrust​

OneTrust offers a powerful and flexible cookie consent solution to operationalize cookie compliance for several privacy laws (GDPR, LGPD, and so on).​

OneTrust Cookie Consent enables the following aspects: ​

  • Uncovering hidden cookies and trackers on websites
  • Configuring branded banners using unique consent approaches based on location
  • Measuring and optimizing consent rates for maximum opt-ins (acceptance rate)

Cookies Banner Legacy

Project success raised client expectations to extend the Golden Rules to all new websites that are being released. Now, they want to cover additional and more focused insights regarding the cookies acceptance rate (Proof of Concept for A/B testing and Google Consent Mode).​

Business Value Added 

Syscons has supported the definition of a Cookie Consent Model:​

  • Unique digital consent approach to track cookies in all websites and collect Data Subject consents​
  • Design of privacy-compliant rules to be implemented on the cookie banner​
  • Definition of a strategy to implement the cookie banner in all websites​

Increasing Control:​

Making easier the activities to manage the domains by centralized and simplified management of cookie maintenance.​

Common Model:   ​

Having a standard model for Cookie Banner and Users’ Consent by implementing a cookie consent model is unique and familiar to all websites.​

Cross compliance:   ​

Ensuring cookie compliance at the Group level for all local privacy regulations.​