Hiring a new resource in the team

New Hired Episodes: Meet Andreea Preda

Tell us about the first day in Syscons. How did you imagine it, and how was it?

I expected a “cold” welcome for junior like me. But It was completely different! A true positive start.

I began my first day at Syscons by a car journey from the Academy to Padua with two other colleagues and Roberto Tomè, the reference figure for the PLM area. As soon as we arrived at the Milan office, I met my fellow students from the Academy.

Onboarding began with the delivery of Syscons materials as well as a presentation on Syscons given by Gianni Pelizzo, our expert in Industry 4.0. Throughout the day, we met other figures present in the company. All these meetings and sessions created a first impact, which made us comprehend that Syscons is a well-structured group that facilitates to dissolve the work-related stress.

Then came one of the best parts of the day, a delicious lunch! We used this opportunity to get to know other colleagues, which was an added bonus.

Initially, I thought that the new joiners would have a very little opportunity to converse with Gianni Pellizzo and Roberto Tomè on the first day. But I was left with a delightful surprise when these senior figures worked closely with us and showed genuine interest in how we work. All these conversations made it clear that Syscons is a place that promotes open conversation within its people.

Overall, the onboarding day was a great professional experience that taught me about the company’s professionalism and focus on the individual employees.

What are you doing?

The first task I was entrusted with was studying an exceptionally detailed manual on PLM and producing a summary of it as a “rite of passage”, which will be familiar to all colleagues in the office. I was given a month to properly examine it and explore it to incorporate my learnings into the day-to-day activities.

I had a month to study it and practice what I learned free-wheeling, “messing around”, exploring, always supported by the tutor.

New Hired Syscons
Andreea Preda, 26 years old, Junior SAP Functional Consultant

How would you describe the relationship and coaching of your Syscons mentor?

Over time, the tutor began to update me about the projects he was personally following. Then he started gradually inserting me into the processes and entrusting me with tasks within my reach, such as changes to the code and the production of helpful documentation. We always exchanged ideas and shared our knowledge, tips, & tricks of the trade, which helped the growth of my professional knowledge.

At the end of the first month, I produced a series of documents and a program of handwritten code to be delivered to the client. I also participated in the UAT (User Acceptance Testing), where I was able to see the client interactions.

The combination of study and tutor support worked like a charm and allowed me to express as well as resolve all my doubts. Besides, this combination also helped me draw on his broader vision of the SAP system and on the work of a consultant in general, given his experience.

I am currently getting to the project’s core with the help of my tutor’s updates and my own active participation. The daily huddles are great for communications and effectively function as a team.

My job consists of continuous training on material provided, studying programming techniques on ABAP code already implemented, and creating new ones to respond to the daily requests of the customer.

So, I have a consistent feeling of security and serenity during all my working time. This job offers me a crucial thing to have in this world: job satisfaction, mainly when I successfully deliver at work.

The first challenge in Syscons: what was it, and how did you face it?

The first challenge at Syscons was managing a request for an interface improvement on SAP for an important customer.

Apart from the preliminary analysis phase, which is still too complex for me, I was the protagonist of the practical management of this request to be completed by a specific date. The tutor divided the program’s creation into intermediate steps that I had to complete independently.

My approach has been of study and consequently the implementation of programs into a continuous cycle. The conversation with the tutor and colleagues at the end of the day and/or in times of difficulty has never been lacking. It has often led to the identification of better solutions, the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The stimulus of the deadline and the enthusiasm arising from the completion of each phase made me feel satisfied, constantly growing, never off course or under negative pressure.

The work environment always matters. How are you finding yourself?

The working environment in the office is serene and convivial and, at the same time, allows you to be productive and proactive.

The team is well balanced: senior figures, such as Tomè, guide our activities and bring an overview; young people of age but with experience of 5 or more years in the field to refer to and of course more junior people.