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New Year at Syscons by Martino Pettenati, Syscons North America Managing Director

The holiday season is over, and now, it’s time to get back to work!  

Indeed, the concept of the new year and new everything sounds a wee bit cliché; yet, I would like really believe that the year 2022 will bring some positive changes within the supply chain industry 

The past two years have been really challenging for us, the supply chain “savvies” (a term I would like to call for the people working to architect, implement and maintain the supply chain systems). At first, you-know-what (I prefer to avoid the term Pandemic) collapsed the existing system, and then, the Suez Canal incident worsened it.  

These were two of the major adversaries we were left to face with. However, we used them to learn more about the processes driving our systems. They exposed several supply chain vulnerabilities, and now, we are ready for them!  

Today, we are more resilient and thinking solution-oriented. We are evaluating the reliability of the supply chain and analyzing the suppliers at several levels to eliminate the weaknesses of our processesWe are utilizing the technology we have to control the processes in realtime. We understand that just IT implementation is not an answer, so we are changing our whole approach to deal with supply chain management.  

Supply Chain Highlights for 2022 

Leveraging Data and Technology 

I would like to call 2021 a year that taught us many lessons. It taught us that our supply chain is directly exposed to the events happening in our world. Avoiding these disasters is futile; instead, we should be targeting the vulnerabilities by leveraging the two incredible powers of our time: Data and Technologies.  

Today, we have an enormous amount of data at our disposal. Indeed, it is a large pool of data. Still, once we start organizing it with the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can design competent solutions to face the challenges that the market is throwing to the companies 

Moreover, we can use highly effective techniques like simulations and what-if analysis for the betterment of existing systems. These techniques help us in targeting the weaknesses of the supply chain. Then, with the help of human intelligence, we can develop solutions that will make our supply chain processes more risks-proof 

Localizing the Supply Chain 

With time, human patience is declining. Nowadays, people simply reject the idea of waiting for weeks to get their goods delivered. On the other hand, delivering things from abroad will not be as effective as they used to be in the past.  

Therefore, I am very passionate about localization inventory in order to accelerate the deliveries by reducing the transport time. Besides, localization is exceptionally beneficial for the inventory, as it saves time to stock up and upgrade it as per the demand.  

A trailer of upcoming content 

I wanted this post as a trailer of upcoming Syscons North America content. That is why I touched some major topics, and briefly spoke about them. I wanted the focus of this blog on telling the world that at Syscons we are passionate about supply chain solutions, and we will continue to enrich the audience with good-quality content.  

And yes, I will focus on what Syscons will do this year to face specific supply chain challenges.