Syscons supports Unicef

Syscons provides direct support to UNICEF Italy

Taking customers to the next level and ensuring a safe, positive & stimulating environment for our employees are our main focuses here in Syscons.

But when living our lives, we all believe that children are the most important people to be cared for. Most of our SysConsultants are parents and everyone has been a child requesting a fair growth. The topic is – and has to be – familiar to everyone.

For this reason, this year we have decided to support Unicef to give children a brighter future.

Unicef, born in 1946, works today in over 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. We’ve adhered to one of the Unicef valuable programs: Global Education Development to enhance learning. 

Within this framework, we provide scholastic materials and tools to the children most at risk. 

The COVID-19 has worsened the existing difficult educational situation in poor countries, shuttering schools and disrupted learning across the globe, creating an urgent need to reimagine education. A lack of trained teachers, inadequate learning materials, makeshift classes and poor sanitation facilities make learning difficult for many children” – Unicef

We think that giving the opportunity to learn means providing an opportunity to earn, at least, to live.

The strength and stability of our societies also depends on children’s development.