experience of a junior employee at Syscons

How the First Month of Working at Syscons Looks Like: an Interview with Gianvito Giacovelli

How was your first day in Syscons?

The first day in Syscons was really exciting for me: after spending a 5-weeks Umana Academy, I found some of my classmates, now co-workers, and we were welcomed in Milan by the HR manager and the head of the New Product Development Practice. The whole day was dedicated to an Onboarding step to give us a more complete vision of the company, both from a market positioning point of view, and from an organizational point of view, but also and above all, to explain how the teamwork.

In addition to making a rundown of all the tools we use, we were introduced to other figures who work at Syscons, in particular the CEO, the Marketing Manager, the IT Technician, the Office Manager, so that the newly arrived person knows who contact if you have problems or special requests.

After that, i received a kind of Kit with all the stuff i would used, together with a well-organized folder where to find any useful document.

Gianvito Giacovelli, Junior SAP Consultant, 24 Years Old

What have you been doing this first month?

I consider myself incredibly fortunate as I have been allowed to work for a well-known italian customer belonging to the home appliances sector. Currently, I am involved in Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling at a production site in England.

This project has allowed me to learn about the company’s unique issues and functioning mechanism. Every day, I learn something new about the customer-company dynamic that, I believe, is making positive changes within me.

I meticulously take care of the planning and scheduling part, particularly the creation of procurement proposals for internal production. I am also looking over the same creation for external procurement to cover the product requirements, optimization, and planning in detail of resources and order dates/times.

Last but not least, I am also dealing with an activity to boost production productivity through better coordination of resources, production, and supply.

How would you describe the relationship with your tutor?

The support of a Syscons tutor is certainly the best way to start the first work experience, as in my case. It is a great way to be stimulated and to grow: my tutor supports me from the first day I started working with him, never leaving me alone and engaging in more activities every day.

Furthermore, the coaching is also teaching me that, if there are any problems or doubts, my tutor, as well as my other team colleagues, is really always available and ready for any clarifications and answers, and this made me understand how important it is to establish a relationship of trust with him.

What is the first challenge that you encountered?

My first challenge was what intimidates me a little, i.e., facing the UAT (User Acceptance Test) session. For the first time, I had the opportunity to understand how crucial is the ability to relate to the project leader, the team colleagues, and above all, with the customer. The pressure was palpable. However, we did not lose sight of the goal.

Besides, being able to participate in the meeting with the client was really exciting, and also my tutor allowed me to intervene, which was a great experience.

What is the environment like?

I look forward to working and do not experience the notorious Monday Blues! This was the short version of the answer, and here comes the long one:

Every day I enter the office with a smile. The work environment is bright and familiar, which is the best possible way to start your working day. Indeed, I am a new joiner. Yet, my colleagues quickly engaged me in all work and…non-work activities! Since day one, they have been supporting me and encouraging me to deliver my best.