Integrated Business Planning by Syscons

Integrated Business Planning is now more critical than ever

The pandemic has exposed the need for integrated planning and improved data integration between sectors. Companies of all sizes are currently realizing the
importance of adopting an Integrated Business Planning process; however, many are reluctant, fearing the complexity of such an endeavor.

The complexity, however, is not driven by the technology itself. A successful implementation can only be guaranteed with a strong top-down and bottom-up commitment across the organization as well as having holistic alignment between sectors, often necessitating change management.

Integrated Business Planning requires an holistic approach

Connected enterprise, supply chain resilience, lean company and shared KPIs, are the key elements for a successful implementation, however, the support and alignment of the three fundamental pillars: People, Process and Technologies cannot be underestimated.

A successful IBP project will have a positive impact in the inventory levels, in the service levels, profitability, cash flow and will bring all of the divisions including
Operations, Finance, Sales, HR and senior management to the table.

Companies need to be ready for such a level of holistic integration and implementing this process in a rush or with a reduced scope would not bring the desired results.

With the new way of planning, developed in a modular and more approachable manner, will make it more accessible to all companies and increase acceptance levels to ensure that we learn from the lessons that 2020 has taught us.

As Demand Planning one of the most critical part of the Integrated Business Planning, we have developed a package to allow existing SAP customers and potential customers to approach a Demand Planning solution more easily, with clear and pre-established scope, time and price.

Learn more on SAP IBP Starter Pack for Demand in our latest webinar recording.

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